Dental Hygienist Requirements and Salary Information

Learn about Dental Hygienist Requirements, and take the first step into beginning your career as a dental hygienist.

What is a Dental Hygienist, and What are the Dental Hygienist Requirements?

A dental hygienist is someone who specializes in oral health, and takes a particular interest on the techniques of oral hygiene.  It can be challenging while studying to become a dental hygienist, but it is worth the struggle once you have received your license to practice in the dental profession.

A dental hygienist works under the supervision of a dentist, however, they must also have the ability to work quickly, and also have the ability to work as if there is no one supervising.  As the dentist is busy with the patient, there is not much time for training during an appointment.

What Duties do Dental Hygienist’s Perform, and Which of the Dental Hygienist Requirements are Easily Learned?

Dental hygienist requirements include performing routine cleanings, scaling, root planning to assist the patient’s understanding, and administering oral hygiene products to help the patients take care of their teeth and gums. A dental hygienist helps to educate their patients in proper mouth care techniques.

How to Become a Dental Hygienist?

First, just to get this one out of they way, you must have completed high school and earned a diploma or a GED. One must graduate from a recognized dental hygienist school with an associates dental hygienist degree, a certificate, or a masters or bachelors degree from an accredited program by the American Dental Association (ADA).

Dental Hygienist Requirements

The requirements to obtain a dental hygienist license can vary between states, but most states require a 2 year degree, along with written and practical state exams. You will also be required to perform clinicals for a period of time before you actually receive your certification and degree. This is where you work as a dental hygienist under a professional’s supervision, and get more hands-on experience. Don’t forget to ask for a letter of recommendation while performing your clinicals, as that could play a key role in how easy it will be to find a job once you have graduated.

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I hope that you have learned what dental hygienist responsibilities you will need to begin your career in the dentistry field.

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